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Ask Big Al!

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Posted on: 2006-06-10
Question: Should i use the proextender everyday or take a few days off a week? i know resting is extrememly important so i just wanna get the most out of my time.. Also, do u think cardio vascualar activities will increase the size of my penis faster? And how often should i do the squeezes.. Im using the proextender for length but im mostly worried about girth. Haha i know its a lot of questions but your the professional and i need your help!!! lol
Answer: You'll find an extender routine here: . Cardiovascular health is important for maintaining a healthy functioning penis, and being fit will make it easier for you to gain. Work in some squeezes 3 times a week. Do your girth work before your extender work or on the days you don't use the extender.
Posted on: 2006-06-08
Question: ive been using the stop and start method to try to increase my stamina for the past week. i have not really noticed much of a difference in my lasting time. has anyone had any significant results from using this method?
Answer: You'll start seeing results within a few weeks. What's really important is that you consciously keep tabs on how long you can put off your ejaculations, your gripping pressure, and other important factors. When you're able to last longer doing the exercise, you'll be able to last longer during sex.
Posted on: 2006-06-08
Question: ive just started this exercise regiment with basics jelks and stretches now about 3 weeks in,yesterday i noticed swollen tissue around my penis just below the head .This isnt like the swelling u might find on your foreskin which goes away next day but its hard,kinda nervy ring around the this normal,what im i doing wrong
Answer: It's likely just edematous swelling. Has the swelling subsided with time?
Posted on: 2006-06-06
Question: i love the jelq, so is there any way i can get more girth out of it than the normal way i have been?
Answer: You can start doing squeezes. Squeezes are an advanced exercise and superior to the jelq for gaining girth.
Posted on: 2006-06-05
Question: I have been doing PE for about 4 months now. I have had much improvement in both length and girth. I have noticed that both the girth and length of my penis incrase when I flex, when I relax the size decrases. I would like to know if there is any other exercise you recommend other than the pc flex to have a larger size while not flexind the PC muscle?
Answer: You'll find exercises other stamina exercises like the Super Kegels, Towel Raises, The Stop and Start Method here:
Posted on: 2006-06-03
Question: What do u think of the proenhance patches? Ive been taking the MSF pills for a while and i do like those.. i also just got a stretcher and it seems to be helping also. I was just wondering if i should just stick to the pills and the stretcher (and also the PE) or if adding in a box or 2 wouldnt be a bad idea. Thank you very much.
Answer: If you're going to add a new facet to your training, wait a few weeks after you'd made your last change. that way, you'll know the effects of your newest addition.
Posted on: 2006-06-02
Question: In the forum, on February 5th, you write that PCs should go before cooldowns. On February 7th, you wrote that PCs should go AFTER cooldowns. I'm confused! Also, is cooldown basically the same activity as warmup (heating up the penis)?
Answer: Your PC work can go before OR after, depending on your time constraints. The cooldowns are performed just like the warm up, minus any stretches.
Posted on: 2006-06-02
Question: 1. Many of the advanced exercises only have one mode to play them by, and it is the only video-playing program that I cannot get to work on my computer. Does your other site have you demonstrating these exercises (such as Uli #3) on more video formats than just one? 2. What is the best way to warm up, in the bath or in the shower? I find that the towel method takes too many reheatings of the towel. 3. When I jelq, I get too hard a lot. I know that I am supposed to be about 50% erect. Is it okay to pause a lot to let the erection go back down to 50%? This makes my jelqing take a while but I don't mind.
Answer: We're working on getting videos made in different file formats. The best way to warm up is by doing a hot soak. Yes, you can rest to let your erection subside. You can also try doing your girth work after your length work. I generally don't recommend that, but in cases like yours, girth work done after stretches seems to work.

Posted on: 2006-06-02
Question: Al, I'm 46 and had penile enlargement surgery a couple of years ago, which took me to about 7 to 7.2 inches in length and 6.2 in girth. Since then I have used weights, a pump, and the androextender. I have used the androextender off and on for about a year, and recently started the PE excercises, with jelqs and stretches, etc. I have been doing a combo of jelqs and stretches for about the last 6 weeks,on a 3 days on, one off schedule. Do you think I could reach 9 to 9.5 inches in length, and are their any specific suggestions for this?
Answer: You should focus on intense manual stretches above anything else. They'll yield the best gains. Just make sure that you can handle it. Some men complain of anomalies after PE surgery, and these anomalies can make performing PE exercises difficult or impossible.
Posted on: 2006-06-02
Question: Which is better, using one or both hands to jelq?
Answer: The problem with jelqing with one hand exclusively is that your penis may start to curve in the direction of the hand that you're using. Most men find it easier to keep an almost constant tension on the penis with two handed jelqs.
Posted on: 2006-05-29
Question: You responded to my question on 5/19/06. I want to be sure that I understand you. I'm starting week 3, and I'm increasing the number of my workouts to 4x a week. For the first 2 weeks, I did about 100 jelqs per session and about 9 reps of the various Oriental Massage exercises. In weeks 3-4 I should be increasing the number of jelqs per session and Oriental Massage reps? Just doing the workout more often isn't enough? I need to increase the pressure and the number of reps? I'm not sure when I should start one day a week doing a second workout. And when I should start working out 2x a day.
Answer: For the beginner phase, the max number of reps for jelqing is 100, and OMs is 9 total stretches each. You can do this up to 2 x a week starting at week 3. If you feel that the workout isn't challenging enough for you (despite increasing the intensity of the exercises), you can move on to the more advanced routines.
Posted on: 2006-05-26
Question: I am turning 30, and have heard that PEing works much better on younger men, because the flesh is still plastic. At almost 6inches and average girth, I intend to increase to a good 7inches length, but mostly I want a whole lot of gain in girth--which I've heard is more difficult, So: at my age and size, how much gain in girth can I realistically expect, and is lengthening actually going to make thickening more difficult, since then I have more penis to thicken? Thank you
Answer: Age is not nearly as important as dedication; and at 30, you're still young. There are men in their 70s that have used PE successfully. If you want girth, do lots of squeezes.
Posted on: 2006-05-26
Question: I just read through your injuries section and had a quick question. You mentioned rashes caused by lack of lube. Is it possible/normal to experiance a minor ich from these rashes?
Answer: Most rashes are accompanied by itching. Lay off the PE until the rash clears up. You'll only aggravate the rash if you don't rest.
Posted on: 2006-05-26
Question: I'm currently using the ProExtender device. I want to know, when should I do my PE exercises?
Answer: You'll need to do some girth work BEFORE your extender sessions or several hours after. You won't do length exercises on the same day that you do extender work.
Posted on: 2006-05-24
Question: Should I use my penis extender after doing my exercises for the day ? thanks !!!
Answer: Use them after your girth work. Don't use the extender on days that you do manual stretches.
Posted on: 2006-05-24
Question: even tho i have seen a gain of 1/4 - 1/2 inch, i now have a problem with getting my penis fully erect for sex. i know that if it was fully erect, these changes will be noticeable!! should i be worried about the health of my penis? is the reason for the impotence due to scar tissue? please someone offer some advice as i am quite worried!!
Answer: If your penis had scar tissue, you'd have ED and would likely suffer from Peyronie's. Could it be that you've overtrained? Try taking a few days off to see if the situation remedies itself.

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